This time of year brings out the kid in all of us! Whether we're prepping for a monster Halloween party, putting on a fall festival or building a haunted house! The one thing that is needed for all of those events are carved pumpkins! Here are some ideas of different carvings you can do to decorate for fall and show your creative side!!

- classic jack - o - lantern

- "toothy" grin

- pumpkin family full of characters

- your name or nickname to mark your territory!

- pair it up! Make 2 pumpkins that compliment each other

- carve out your favorite creepy critters (spiders snakes, bats, etc)

- cute creations! Carve out your pet's face

- "tossed cookies" when your pumpkin has had a little too much cider!

- Franken pumpkin! Or any other classic Halloween characters

- your sport's team logo

- your home state

The list goes on! So grab your friends, some carving tools and get to creating!!